Advance 09 Conference USA!


Mark Driscoll Preaching

Mark Driscoll Preaching

I have had a fantastic time at Advance 09 Conference in Raleigh, Durham. The speakers and sessions at the conference were:


  1. Mark Driscoll: What is the Church?
  2. Tyler Jones: The decline of the Church
  3. Bryan Chapell: Communicating the gospel through preaching
  4. Matt Chandler: Preaching to the dechurched
  5. Panel Q&A
  6. Ed Stetzer: Church, Kingdom and Mission
  7. JD Greear: Revitalising the Church
  8. Eric Mason: The credibility of the Church
  9. Mark Driscoll: Idolatry in Ministry
  10. John Piper: Let the nations be glad Pt1
  11. Danny Akin: Marks of a healthy church
  12. John Piper: Let the nations be glad Pt

These sessions were back to back and some of the best theological content I have ever received in a conference. I am feasting on a huge banquet of biblical meat.

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5 Responses to “Advance 09 Conference USA!”

  1. Karen Tiller Says:

    It is FUN preaching to the dechurched and there is stacks of them out there. They can be the ones that are “out in the Community serving” though which is a blessing! Must be an awesome conference! God Bless

  2. Nick Coombs Says:


    If I don’t get a souvenir I will be devastated. Just something small like the hem of Driscoll’s garment or Piper’s handkerchief. Haha, so good that you decided to go. I’m praying God opens some doors for you mate.



    • Corey Turner Says:

      Yeah mate,

      I will try and bottle some anointed spit from John Pipers preaching and bring it home for you…maybe not.


  3. Hi Corey & MJ,

    Loving hearing all the updates – from blogs, facebook, Sim & Kristen. All good so far! We’re missing you guys but no doubt you’re having a very fun time! Today sounds like a big adventurous day – can’t wait to hear about all the services you’ve attended. You’ll be home before long! I’ve had a fun long weekend. Church was terrific yesterday – Sim fantastic message on the Church. Looking forward to being back in the office tomorrow!

    See you Wednesday 🙂


    • Corey Turner Says:

      Thanks Jade,

      Great to hear from you. We are in Seattle on our last day in the US. We had an incredible day yesterday at Mars Hill and City Church. Lots to process and very excited about coming home. See you Wednesday arvo at the office.


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