Church in decline…

2564145335_92ca5f34ba_mChurches all over Australia and America are in decline and we need to assess why this is happening. Here are several reasons why after observing the church in both countries.

In the USA the church is in decline because:

  • It has aligned itself too much politically
  • It’s not passing the baton of ministry generationally
  • Church education is inadequate
  • Too much division over theology
  • There are less resources to reach out

Often we make secondary issues in the culture, primary issues in the church and the church blames the culture for its decline rather than taking responsibility for itself.

Tyler Jones offered these 3 reasons for the church’s decline and I would agree. Here they are:

  1. Church has taken eyes off Jesus and he is no longer first love
  2. Church has taken eyes off its mission and become territorial
  3. Church has become toxic in nature and avoids accountability


The ultimate need of the church is to centre itself on Jesus Christ and revolve everything it does around who Jesus is and what he’s called us to do.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Church in decline…”

  1. Karen Tiller Says:

    Yes absolutely however, repentance begins in the individuals hearts and it is not a favourable message I have found. But ever so important! Church is (we are the church us people) and church is so the upside down kingdom opposite to the world! Humbleness of heart, repentance, Honouring Jesus (Our Lord God) before ourselves and others…….. BTW its nice to be able to share this… Hope all is going well God Bless Gods Church “Activate” and His chosen Leaders there also. Blessings!

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