Book Review: Vintage Church

It’s been a week since our last book review and this week I am reviewing another fantastic book by Mark Driscoll called ‘Vintage Church’. You can purchase this book through Koorong, Word or online at

Author: Mark Driscoll is the preaching and theology pastor at Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. Co-author Gerry Breshears is the professor of theology at Western Seminary.

BIG Idea: The book explores the timeless truths of Scripture about the call, nature, experience and mission of the church and how these truths connect with timely (contemporary) methods of 21st Century church.

Review: This book is foundational and fundamental for all Christians and leaders to read if they are going to understand the doctrine of the church from a biblical perspective and match it with huge developments in how the church is engaging with culture today. Issues like technology, multi-campus church, global transformation and leadership are partnered alongside more traditional themes like preaching, the sacraments, love, church discipline and what is the Christian Church?

Favourite Chapter: The standout chapter for me was Ch9 and Ch12. Chapter 9 talks about the characteristics of a missional church and helps you understand the fundamentals of what a church serious about making followers of Jesus is all about. Chapter 12 is very thought provoking as it challenges our traditional worldviews and visions of how the church actually brings radical transformation about. You may be surprised at what you read in this chapter. It challenges all pre-suppositions and argues for another more biblical worldview of transformation.

Rating: 9/10

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