Kingdom Culture Pt10 – Church Planting

It is no statistical secret that the greatest form of evangelism within a local community is the establishment of a new church. As a church planter myself I have seen the power of the local church in action from the grassroots, starting with 13 people 3 years ago and growing to over 450 today.

Yes, we have seen transfer growth from other churches but we have also seen over 240 people make first time decisions to follow Christ. Many of these people have been baptised in water at our church or connected in with local churches closer to their home.

At Activate we are seeking to identify, train and send out those men and women of God who have been called to start and lead churches. We have a vision to plant an activate church in state capital cities around Australia and overseas where God leads us to.

Healthy churches reproduce themselves and and healthy leaders reproduce who they are in the lives of the people they lead. Ephesians 5 tells us that Christ gave himself up for the church and Acts 1 and 2 show us that Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to birth the church on the Day of Pentecost.

The Apostle Paul’s ministry was marked by church planting, teaching in those churches and appointing elders to lead the individual churches with the support of qualified deacons. The same needs to be in operation in the 21st century church as well.

Mark Driscoll has a great session on qualifications for church planters on his blogsite (Click on my link to Mark Driscoll). Mark is president of the Acts 29 Network and planted over 100 churches throughout the US and abroad. We are hoping to secure him to come and speak next year at Activate 2010 Conference.

Lead the Change!

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