Follow that trail!

One of the things i enjoy about going away on holidays is going for a run in foreign locations and exploring the sights and sounds of a new environment. Often when running in a place i am not familiar with i will come across various walking tracks or trails that take my curiosity and compel me to run down them. Sometimes i run along it for a while and come to a dead end but most of the time running down the new trail reveals new sounds and breathtaking sights. Different trails take you to different places and give you different experiences.

We can have a similar experience spiritually. Week after week we hear sermons, read the bible, listen to podcasts, discuss spiritual issues with fellow believers and share our faith in Jesus with others. In other words we’re running the race of faith and during the run God takes something we’ve just heard or observed and it sets off a train of thought in our minds or a deep processing of the heart.

These seminal moments are God’s divine invitations to follow a trail into new spiritual experiences and theological conclusions that will transform your life. Some of these trails seem risky, even dangerous but they call you and beckon you to run down them because you sense that what is at the end of the trail is worth the journey.

The greatest spiritual growth in my life has come out of following these holy trails of thought than almost anything else in my spiritual experience. It’s not often what the preacher is saying that changes you, it’s what God is saying behind what the preacher is saying that transforms you.

Ignore these trails at your own peril. Don’t ignore that pesty thought or idea that keeps coming up in your mind as you are listening to a sermon or reading the word. This is either God’s invitation to abundant life or the devils distraction to a destructive life.

God often does his best work along these trails so let your curiosity get the better of you and follow that trail.

Lead the Change!

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