Recently i have been challenged by one of my ‘thorns in the flesh’ (this is someone who constantly provokes you to grow) to clarify my BHAGS for the coming year and beyond. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the phrase “BHAG’s” before but it stands for “BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS”.

I’m quite a goal oriented type person and so i generally relish this exercise and it’s a good time of year to do so (a little tip – New year’s resolutions don’t work, go for BHAG’s). BHAG’s force you to get serious about achieving them or else you’re best leaving them alone. You can’t accomplish a BHAG without lots of massive action because they are hairy and require tons of audacity.

Here are some of my BHAGS for the coming years:

  1. My 3 kids loving Jesus wholeheartedly and serving him fervently
  2. Lead a world changing church of 10,000 people min. 
  3. Author a best selling book
  4. Top 10 podcast list for at least 12 months (See itunes)
  5. Activate Churches in every state capital city across Australia
  6. Full capacity & energy at 90 years of age

These are some of my BHAGS. What about yours? Don’t go into another year directionless and in cruise mode but get clarity on your BHAGS and get busy making them become reality because life is too important to waste.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “BHAG’s”

  1. ann broome Says:

    hi corey, I’ve never heard of bhags, obviously i haven’t lived,I dont know about hairy, more like scary to me,thanks for sharing yours, go Abraham !!I reckon I was born into the kingdom for such a time as this to see a church of ten thousand and in every state, as I’m in my senior years i agree there’s no time to waste, if you can share your experiences without seeming to know it all, or be bold and not seem to be bossy, or share without offending, then lets get on with the job, i just want my contribution to make a difference no matter how big or small, your blogs are always thought provoking thanks ——-keep them coming

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