Coreyand Simone are both authors and communicators who have several resources available for you to purchase. You can purchase these resources by contacting or alternatively by logging onto and clicking on resources. These resources include:

Book: Supernatural (Just released) $16

This book is for anyone who wants to move in God’s power.

Book: Vision – The key to your future $10

In this book Corey shows you:

  • How to clearly see God’s vision for your life
  • The steps you need to take to move from the invisible to the visible
  • How to live out the vision God shows you
  • How to prepare yourself for your visions appointed time of arrival
  • The enemies of vision you need to conquer along the way

This is what people are saying about this book:

Mark Conner (Citylife Church): Corey is a young man with a big heart and a big vision. In this book you will be inspired to dream alarge vision for God and then receive important principles for making it a reality. The world will be a better place as a result. Go for it!

Lauren Grant (Hope Generation Church): I have read this book nearly everyday of 2008 and it is power-packed full of insight that has literally changed my life. What i have learnt by reading this book has defined my walk with God more than most other books I’ve read.

Russell Evans (PlanetShakers City Church): Corey has demonstrated a unique capacity to envision the future and then inspire others to go after it. Read his book on Vision and you too will discover how you can partner with the Holy Spirit to see his vision for your life become a reality.

Book: No Ordinary Girl $5

In this book Simone writes about the many different messages we hear everyday that affect the way we see ourselves. Not all of them are true. She offers you a perspective of yourself that will help you be the best you can be in life – just as you were meant to be. These messages include you are worthy, you are loved and you have a destiny.

Let Simone inspire you with the truth of who you really are!

Sermons on CD: The following sermon series and titles are available to purchase at low prices:

  • Forces that form your future
  • Culture shift
  • Build God’s House
  • The difference maker
  • The most important person on earth
  • Spirit of an influencer
  • Prayer that moves mountains
  • Financial excellence
  • Breakthrough
  • Becoming a prophetic believer…And many others!

You can purchase these resources by contacting or alternatively by logging onto and clicking on resources.

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