Multi-Site Church!

Exciting News – As of October 3, 2010 Activate Church will be 1 church meeting in 2 locations. Over the last few years we have talked about the possibility of being a multi-site church. Now it’s becoming reality. What is a multi-site church?

A multi-site church is one church meeting in multiple locations. A multi-site church shares a common vision, budget, leadership and theology. The purpose of becoming a multi-site church is that it enables us to advance the gospel in other regions beyond our own, whilst retaining some of the unique DNA we have as a church.

There are two basic ways to become a multi-site church: 1) Plant a church out of our Maroondah Campus in another location or: 2) Take over an existing church campus and assimilate it to share a common vision, budget, leadership and theology.

Multi-site church is one of the unique moves of God happening throughout the Body of Christ all over the world and 70% of the fastest growing churches around the world use multi-site as a way to help facilitate growth (The Multi-site Church Revolution, 2006).

It’s with these thoughts in mind that we (Executive Elders) want to communicate the following: Several weeks ago we were approached by Hope Generation Church in the City of Casey and asked if we would consider leading their church as a second campus of Activate.

I personally, have had a long-term relationship with Hope Generation Church through my frequent preaching there over several years. Hope Generation Church is a fantastic congregation that is approximately ten years old and is currently led by Ps Jared Grant.

After several weeks of discussion, prayer and seeking wise counsel we (Executive Elders) have decided to accept their request and as of October 3rd, 2010 we will be One Church, meeting in 2 locations: Activate Church, Maroondah and Activate Church, Casey.

Lead the Change!

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