rawgospel.com & Podcasting!

RawGospel.Com is a new website we are launching in the coming weeks that exists to share insights on biblical truth to help pastors, leaders and followers of Christ in their lives and ministries. It will be interactive and consist of daily blog posts from a coalition of elder-pastors, lists of helpful books we are reading, video interviews with special guests and updates on key training events, including a preaching seminar with Ps Allan Meyer in March 2011.

We will give you more information just before we launch the new website. Also….

All sermons preached at our church will be available to download via podcast (iTunes and our website) as of Monday 9th August. We will be uploading our “James – Real Christianity” series and recent sermons from “Building the Future” series. Buy an iPod or an iPhone and start listening to raw gospel preaching. Otherwise you can listen to these messages via our website http://www.activatechurch.com

BE the Change!

3 Responses to “rawgospel.com & Podcasting!”

  1. Matt Dyett Says:

    EXCITED!!!! Can’t wait.

  2. Steve McCracken Says:

    Hey Corey

    I see you’ve signed off the last couple of blogs with “BE the change” and not “Lead the change”. I think it’s great but wondering why the change of wording?

    Love what you do and more importantly who you are.


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