Current trend of Preaching!

I recognize that my voice isn’t the only voice in the Church today and that there are many dedicated pastors and preachers faithfully serving God and preaching the Gospel but as I have travelled and preached in many churches, conferences, bible colleges, seminars, small groups and events of all shapes and sizes across Australia and overseas, I have observed some alarming trends regarding contemporary preaching.

Unfortunately, the current trend of preaching today has spiraled down to accommodate plural culture. It seems to me that the ‘Sacred Desk’ has been replaced by the ‘Therapy Couch’. Do preachers have to be more like Dr Phil than they do Charles Spurgeon in this day and age?

It seems like we no longer have voices crying out in the wilderness but what we have are many voices clamoring for people’s attention and willing to dilute the gospel message to make it palatable to the masses. I’m finding the more I preach the Gospel, the more people respond 1 of 2 ways: They either repent of sin and follow Christ or they reject the Gospel and stay addicted to their self-sufficiency. The same happened in Jesus day – some responded in faith and some walked away because it was too hard.

Too much preaching is triumphalistic and conceals the reality of suffering when you follow Christ. Ephesians 1 emphasizes the spiritual blessings we have in Jesus Christ but Paul gives the other side of the story to Timothy in 2 Tim 3:12 when he said, “Indeed, all who desire to live a godly life in Christ will be persecuted.” None of us wants to be persecuted or suffer for our faith in Christ but there will be times when suffering accompanies following Christ and we have to be willing to tell people the whole story.

Preaching today suffers from a lack of confidence in God’s Word. Their has been so much critique of God’s word that preachers are afraid to declare their position on certain texts and hesitate to call people to stand firm on God’s Word.

Preaching today suffers from embarrassment before controversial bible texts. We preachers get awkward around certain texts in light of pop culture and try to explain them away as being cultural and not literal for our day and age.

Preaching today suffers from the emptying of biblical content. Stories, humour and creative elements are good and helpful but it seems like entertainment is more important than salvation or sanctification. I know of some pastors who think that keeping their sermons light on biblical content but heavy on stories and fun is what people want. I’m all for laughs and drama but at the end of the day, it’s not what people want, it’s what they need. What they need is to be transformed by God’s Word.

Preaching today suffers from a focus on felt needs. More and more sermons are focused on giving you the 3 steps (all starting with the same letter) to getting ahead in your career or improving your financial situation then it is on the Gospel.

Preaching today suffers from an absence of the gospel. I’m not talking about the Gospel only in an evangelistic sense but in the whole counsel of God sense. All Gospel preaching should point us toward Christ and be Christologically centered. Genesis 1:1 introduces us to God and Revelation 22:21 introduces us to the hero of the bible JESUS CHRIST!

Lead the Change!

3 Responses to “Current trend of Preaching!”

  1. Jeremy Paul Says:

    Hello and good day to you Mr. Turner.

    I am excited to see you tenacious approach to your call from our risen Lord. I would expect you to be equally excited with your value to the “flock”, as it were. I am curious how you approach the Gospel message from a doctinal point of view. i.e. What is the or perhaps is there any recognition of past leaders, Christ Jesus is not applicable here as I am more questioning how you view leaders of Christian faith e.g. Carl Barth or the Pope John Paul II or Martin Luther or even perhaps someone a bit older like Athanasius of Alexandria. Simple curiosity…

    Well formed argument with some meaningful scriptural backbone. Good on ya’ 🙂


    • Corey Turner Says:

      Hi Jeremy,

      Good question. I’m currently reading a book on the Great Theologians which gives a summary of their ministry and theological positions…I will give you some more feedback when I finish it. However, in short, I think that we can learn a lot from those who have gone before us. Often we think that our generation has discovered the latest and greatest insights into matters of faith but the reality is many in the past have wrestled with some of the exact same things we do today. There have been many people who have done far more study and investigation into doctrines than what we have and so i think we need to have the humility to at least listen to them. However, every generation has to rediscover for themselves the great truths of Scripture.



  2. You have written a piece Cory here that is not only well thought out and well written but it is pastoral. And that is what makes this so very, very important.

    As a preacher you are, as Spurgeon once said I believe , “a physician of the soul”.

    Paul wrote to the Galatian church and asked them in Ch. 1 verse 10 , “For am I now seeking the favour of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ”.

    Many may not like what is being said here – but the Lord does and really that is all that matters.


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