Decisions shape Destiny!

I’ve been reflecting recently on the impact our decisions make on our lives. One of the insights into decisions we need to consider is the source behind our making them.

When we make decisions based upon fear of what people might think or for the need to prove ourselves to others our decisions are coming from a wrong motivation and ultimately can only end up having negative outcomes.

Decisions that are informed by all the facts at hand turn out to be better decisions. I have been researching a doctrine in the Scriptures recently because I need to make a decision about it and I have been studying this doctrine for 12 months gathering information, talking with people and processing the different positions people hold on the doctrine. Don’t take things at face value but gather all the facts.

Decisions that are made with good counsel are very helpful. Proverbs exhorts us to seek out wise counsel because in an abundance of counsellors there is much wisdom. I have several key people in the different spheres of my life that I seek counsel from. When I am wrestling with a decision, I think it’s important to seek them out and ask for their advice.

Decisions that are based upon the Scriptures are informed decisions. When we choose to centre our lives upon Scripture we are building a rock solid foundation to make decisions from. Most answers to life’s questions are found in Scripture. The more you base your life upon God’s Word, the more you will not need to be anxious about your decisions.

Decisions that are informed by the Holy Spirit will be good decisions. Before Simone and I make big decisions in our world, we pray through it and seek the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Luke 16 teaches us that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. The Holy Spirit points us to the truth of Scripture, the truth of the Son of God and the truth of the path God has for our lives. Pray from your heart and listen to the leading of the Spirit.

Decisions that are made from a good conscience are generally right decisions. God has given us a conscience to help us in life and we have to guard our conscience from being seared by the spirit of the age. When you have sought Godly counsel, consulted the Scriptures, prayed fervently through the issue and are starting to form a conclusion to the decision making process, follow the conviction of your conscience. Let the peace of Christ rule as an umpire in your decision making.

Finally, decisions that preserve honour and integrity in relationships make for good decisions. Life is relationships and how we conduct our relationships is a litmus test of our spirituality and love for God. When you choose the higher path of integrity and honour, even when it will cost you, you will make the right decision. Integrity is sorely lacking in our culture and we desperately need people of true conviction to rise up and be prepared to count the cost.

Lead the Change!

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