Paradigm Shift!

There is a shift that’s taking place in the Church I lead. The Spirit of God is inspiring it and I am very, very excited about what will unfold in the coming 9 months. Why 9 months?

Well in 9 months time our church will be 5 years old. Statistically, the culture and formation of a church is basically solidified around the 5 year mark. Church culture does change after that but a lot of the foundation has been laid as a platform to build upon.

Just as a mum to be, has a gestation period of 9 months before a beautiful baby is born, so too our church will be going through a spiritual gestation period over the next 9 months getting ready to give birth to the church God has called us to build.

I thought when we launched the church that we had given birth to it but in a lot of ways the last 5 years has been a warm up period before the true raw church that God desires is revealed. Planting and leading a church to maturity and uniqueness takes time. Thank God for what he has taught us a long the way and the victories that have been secured in Christ. The elders of our church will be working very hard over the next 9 months to lead, teach and set an example of the church God has called us to be.

Whenever a church goes through a shift, it’s because God has taken the leaders through a season of shifting, refinement and preparation. I have a book cooking in me about the several shifts that I have had to embrace over the last 4 and a bit years to be positioned for what God is about to do. I have a website cooking in my heart that equips emerging leaders & pastors to plant and lead Gospel centered churches. I have sermons cooking in my heart that I know will impact people with the person of Jesus Christ.

A PARADIGM is a way of thinking. When our lives come into alignment with Romans 12:2, our way of thinking gets re-aligned with God’s thoughts and ideals. I have gone through an intense 4 year process of paradigm shifting that has been apart of God’s great cosmic plan for my life and ministry.

God desires the same for all of us. What about your journey right now is shifting? Things you used to think, people you used to connect with but now don’t, places you used to visit and beliefs you used to embrace but now question are all part of the shifting process. Opportunity beckons for you and I to embrace the shifts that Christ is calling us all too. Every shift that God leads us into will be grounded in the Scriptures and call us to a more biblical life. You can never go wrong when you prayerfully and humbly shift towards God through the Scriptures.

Embrace the paradigm shifts God is leading you into and watch what God unfolds in you and through you.

Lead the Change!

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