Over the past week I have been apart of a wonderful initiative and exciting opportunity to serve and love others called i58. Not that we need a project to do this day in and day out but it’s been great to see the church put Isaiah 58 in action In a focused way.

We have visited the sick, given free clothing to people who needed them, served homeless people food, given counsel to people seeking it, encouraged community services in the area and loved people however and wherever we can.

I was moved to tears last night as I witnessed one of our congregation help a man pray to Jesus and surrender his life to Christ in the middle of the ‘Food @ the Vault’ experience (runs fortnightly at Activate). Loving and serving people is the right thing to do regardless of the outcome but it is wonderful to be apart of seeing broken people transformed by God’s love and power.

It is such an honor to serve alongside great men and women of God who, this week, have given of themselves tirelessly to serve the well-being of others. Kate Johnson (Community Impact Director) needs to be specifically mentioned for her incredible leadership of i58 projects. Thank you Kate. You are a blessing to the church and your Christ-like leadership is a great example to others.

At the end of the day, i58 isn’t just a weeklong project, it’s a way of living. I want to lead a church that thinks, talks, and acts like Christ 24/7. As I read the Bible and travel and speak throughout the Body of Christ, it’s clear that MISSION is what Christ is calling us to. It’s needed everywhere and it’s happening everywhere. Where are you on mission for Christ in your world?

Lead the Change!

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