Reinvent Intimacy!

I sat on a panel at a leaders conference recently and answered questions with other speakers. One of the questions centered on hearing God’s voice. I shared with them the importance of reinventing your intimacy with God in different seasons of your life.

Anyone who connects with God on a regular basis needs to freshen up their approach to intimacy with God. We can easily get stale and settle into a comfortable routine that steals the joy from relationship with God. In different seasons, different approaches should be tried.

For me personally I have gone through seasons of going for long walks and conversing with God. I’ve listened to certain teachers and preachers on podcast talking about a subject that I am working through in that moment. I’ve prayed and fasted. I’ve just read Scripture. I’ve listened to worship music or other types of music that challenged me about what I think about God.

You need to be prepared to reinvent your intimacy with God from time to time. For some of you walking on the beach or going on long drives in the country or being out in nature bring you closer to God. Doing something creative, painting, drawing or creating music brings you closer to God. Whatever it is, do it and do it regularly.

What undergirds all of our intimacy with God are the Scriptures. 2 Timothy 3:16 says, “All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, rebuke, correction and for training in righteousness that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.”

Some of us are seeking God’s voice everywhere else except the Scriptures. God has given us His logos (written) word and most of what God wants to say to you he has revealed in and through His Word. If you posture yourself in the Scriptures, God’s rhema (inspired) word will speak to you and give you wisdom and insight for your life. Those who know the Scriptures aren’t ignorant of the truth and cannot be distracted by lies and false teaching. Study the Word!

Lead the Change!

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