First Steps in Faith!

One of the most exciting things about ministry is seeing people’s lives transformed by the Gospel. Just recently @ Activate we have seen several people surrender their lives to Christ and begin a journey of discipleship. This is very exciting and has emphasized the need for some basic steps to be put in place to help ground new believers in their faith. Observing this process in action has also brought into clear focus the need for mature Christians to step up and start to disciple new believers. I think Church leaders need to think about what we are actually equipping the church to do – attend meetings or make disciples.

Step 1 – Meet with another Christian who can disciple you on a weekly basis

Following Jesus is best embraced within community. God created us for relationship and not for isolation and everyone of us need close connection with the people around us to become a healthy and whole individual. Telling new believers to follow Christ without supporting them in their faith journey is setting them up for a fall. A guest speaker came through recently who said that he had someone meet with him every week for 15 years discipling him in the Christian faith.

Step 2 – Establish a daily appointment with God

Like you would make an appointment with a friend or a colleague at work, carve out time in your diary and calendar to spend time with God. Be it an hour, 30mins or 15mins schedule it and keep it. This 1 appointment each day will form the foundation of your relationship with God as you grow closer to him each day. In your time with God, pull out your bible (ESV translation is a great bible to read) and begin to read a chapter or two from the Gospel of Matthew and a chapter or two from the Book of Genesis and work your way through the Bible over the course of a year.

As well as reading your bible, share your thoughts, desires, concerns and burdens with God in prayer. Keep your prayers real and speak to God from your heart and then spend time listening to what God will say to you in response, both through his word and in your heart.

Step 3 – Connect to a Life Group in your local church

Christian community can help you significantly in your spiritual growth. Being apart of a small group that meets together regularly can go a long way to enhancing your own understanding of the Bible and help you belong to a local Christian community. Ask your church leaders about how you can connect to a group and which group will be best suited to you.

Step 4 – Start to share your faith with people you are already in relationship with

When you become a Christian you will want to tell people about what Christ has done in your life. In a very real way, share with people from your heart about what is happening to you and what you are learning about God. Some of your friends, work colleagues, and family may not completely understand you but if they see your genuine love for them and the friendship, your authenticity as a follower of Christ will shine through. When people around you see the consistency of your witness over time, some will be attracted to it and will want to find out more and others will be repelled by it. Just keep being faithful to God and let God do the work he wants to do through you.

Step 5: Gather together weekly with your church

The bible says to not give up meeting together as is the habit of some but consider how to stir up one another toward love and good works. We can’t stir each other up to love and good works if we aren’t meeting together. Each Sunday or Saturday or Wednesday or whenever your church meets together, be there to learn more about God and his word, connect with other believers and celebrate all who God is in worship. There’s something powerful that happens when God’s people meet together. Where 2 or 3 are gathered together in Christ’s name, he is present among them.

There is lots more to be said to help you along your spiritual journey but these are some basic and initial steps to help you get started.

Lead the Change!

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