Why go to Church?

I know, I know… Someone out there, including me will say, “We don’t go to church, we are the church. The church goes with us everywhere we go.” Yes, this is true and hopefully some of the church understands this as a daily reality but the truth is, many people who either attend church or who perceive church to be boring ask this question in their minds.

There are 3 inadequate reasons we’ve dished up to people to attend church and we are trying to sell this to our customers in the millions. They include:

  1. It will make your life better with blessings
  2. It will help you change the world through loving activism
  3. It will offer you salvation and moralise you

These reasons are subtle but insufficient. On the surface they may sound very religious but people aren’t swallowing them and are bored with them.

Answer #1 promises that church will change your life for your sake. Larry Crabb says, “A church that advertises itself as a place to go to make your life better is not a church I want to go to. I don’t even think it’s a church.” (Real Church; pg29)

Answer #2 pledges there is a way to live your life for a cause bigger than yourself and that following Jesus is the way. This answer promises you that going to church will show you how Jesus wants you to change the world. You don’t have to go to church to find out how to change the world.

Answer #3 says that going to church is all about getting people saved and helping the already saved to be visibly moral. The question is, is that the deep change God wants? Do you want to go to a church that tells you your job is to save lost souls and your responsibility as a Christian is to live morally and if you take on these two tasks, you are doing just fine?

Truth is these reasons are inadequate. There is more to being apart of a church and being the church than my life being better, the world being changed and the lost being saved with righteous living thrown in. These reasons are a given but not complete.

Larry Crabb offers these reasons to go to church. “I want to go to a church that knows I’m not OK and neither is anyone else” (Lets do away with the masks we bring to church). “One that acknowledges where we are and meets us with the truth of God’s Word” (Speaks truth into the centre of my battle and exposes the contours of it that I can’t see – I call this insight) and “One that understands my need to talk to God about what’s going on inside of me” (spiritual formation). Food for thought.

Lead the Change!

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