Preaching & The Emerging Church!

John S. Bohannon has written a tour de force on the preaching philosophy of four founding leaders of the emerging church movement including Mark Driscoll, Brian McLaren and Doug Pagitt.

In a culture where traditional forms of preaching have been seen as outdated and irrelevant, this book (Preaching & the Emerging Church) is important because it brings into focus how central biblical preaching is, not only in the church, but also in society and how 4 emerging leaders are tackling it on the front lines of post-modernism.

The book explores the uniqueness of each of the leaders approaches to preaching including their message (Bible and Gospel), their mentality and their method. You will find this helpful in your study of preaching but also in how the gospel is being communicated to a post-modern world by 4 pastors who seem to be connecting with their audience.

My holy discontent is unbiblical living. When people miss out on becoming who God has created them to be, it is generally because their approach to life is not centered on the Scriptures. Biblical preaching that is inspired by the Spirit of God, informed by context & culture and infused with rawness goes a long way to helping people live a biblical life.

I encourage all you spiritual outlaws out there to jump into the deep end and have a read, even if you aren’t a formal preacher, you are a communicator of the gospel. If you are a preacher or a leader, you need to read this book. It will provoke you to become a better communicator of the Gospel. The book is endorsed by Ed Stetzer & Danny Akin. You can order the book through and to find out more about the author visit

Lead the Change!

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