Theology – Not a dirty word!

When I studied at Tabor College I looked with apprehension at my subject list when my eyes glanced at “Intro to Theology.” I perceived the subject to be dry, boring and unnecessary. How wrong I was!

It turned out to be one of the most important subjects in my degree because our theology forms the foundation for everything we do in response to God and life. Theology comes from 2 Greek words (theos=God and logos=word) and our theology is the way we think and talk about God. Everyone has a theology and makes theological statements all the time. The question is do we have a good theology or a bad one.

In Acts 17:1-9 Paul ministers in the synagogue in the city of Thessalonica and 4 words describe his ministry – Paul Reasoned; Explained; Proved and Proclaimed Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is true and pure theology and Paul centered his ministry on Christ and him crucified.

In v6 Paul is described as a man who turned the world upside down and yet he doesn’t do anything more extraordinary than share his theology about Christ with the Jews and Gentile proselytes of the city.

I believe “Our Theology can transform the world or it can reinforce to the world a wrong perception of who God is.”

Theology is important because the Great Commission doesn’t just include going and evangelizing but it also includes ‘teaching people to observe all that Christ has commanded us’. Theology is important because it helps us overcome wrong thinking, it helps us discern between truth and error, it helps us grow spiritually, it helps us work out what are peripheral doctrines and what are the essential doctrines and it helps us to embrace the process of transformation as a journey, not an event.

Our theology is shaped by 4 sources which include: Scripture, Reason, Tradition and Experience. We need to make sure that Scripture interprets our experience rather than the feelings we attach to our experiences to form our view of God. Each of us have different experiences and we can easily project our feelings as God and interpret Scripture liberally, based on how we feel.

There is an assault on theology and God’s Word in our culture and we need to develop our theology in prayer, worship and humility, seeking the counsel of others and remembering that our theology can transform our lives and the world around us or it can reinforce a wrong perception of God.

Lead the Change!

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