Real Church!

There appears to be a lot of frustration within the church and in many believers who have left the church about the state of the church. I have heard many people over the years speak of a hunger and desire to be apart of a REAL Church. What does this mean?

It is a sad day when people leave the Church to find Christ. I would suggest that what people are leaving isn’t in fact the church but churchianity. People shouldn’t have to disconnect from the Church to find a richer and deeper relationship with Christ.

All of us at some point or another have looked at our lives and asked the question, “Is this all there is? Surely, there is something more to life.” We ask that same question of the church and many believers go from Christian gathering to Christian gathering to find the more they are searching for. Sometimes this is helpful for them but generally it inly reinforces the disillusionment they feel.

Unfortunately some of the Church has become manageable and boring and lifeless and predictable and void of God. Things like worship, altar calls, budgets, systems, follow up, staff, small groups, outreach, social justice can all happen without the Spirit of God. So what is a REAL CHURCH?

Larry Crabb in his book REAL CHURCH offers this thought, “A gathering becomes a church when people meet for one supreme purpose, to become more like Jesus in thought, motive and action all for the pleasure of the Father.”

Interesting... He goes on to say that the, “More we are searching for is hearing God’s music, dancing with God into the relationships and circumstances of life in order to bring heavens way of doing things to earth.”

I think REAL Church begins with a personal revival of our own hearts, where we ask God to give us a heart for the things He has a heart for. Out of this place of personal renewal in our relationship with God flows 4 primary things to go on a journey of living out: 1) Biblical theology; 2) Spiritual formation; 3) Loving relationships; 4) Missional living.

I like you, am on a journey of discovering what REAL Church is and one thing I am sure of Jesus Christ loves the Church, gave himself up for her and we are not to give up on it either. We are to become apart of the solution and not the problem to the church being REAL in the world.

Lead the Change!

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