Don’t Give Up!

Galatians 6:9 “Do not grow weary of doing good, for in due season you will reap if you do not GIVE UP.”

The easiest place to give up your resolve is when you are journeying through a wilderness experience. I know what its like to feel weary of doing good and want to give up. We all face circumstances and have feelings that make us feel like we have hit the wall and can’t go on. But it’s often during these valley experiences that our characters and future’s are most powerfully shaped.

The choices we make in a testing season determine everything about our future. We have got to be careful to not ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’, so to speak, and miss what God is trying to teach us through the test. If you respond Godward and not man-ward you will be given fresh resolve and renewed strength that you never had before…In other words you’ll be a better person for it.

We all feel like giving up at times and sometimes giving something up like a bad habit or a negative relationship is the healthiest thing for us but when it comes to what God is asking us to do and what He created us for, we are to never give that up. Be careful to not rely on your feelings alone & make sure you seek God’s guidance on what you are feeling. Seeking God’s guidance includes consulting wise counsel and getting their input. If you surround yourself with everyone who reinforces your perspective all the time, you set yourself up for a fall because your inner circle doesn’t own the market share on wisdom or knowledge. There are others who can help you significantly, including pastors, connect group leaders and other wise counsellors.

I have emerged out of my 2009 dark night of the soul with fresh resolve and greater strength. I am getting stronger in my walk with God by the day. I am becoming clearer in my ministry call and future direction each week and moment by moment I am learning to rest in God’s grace & strength that he so richly provides. If I had have given up I would not be experiencing the joy and love and life I now have. Fight On!

Lead the Change!

One Response to “Don’t Give Up!”

  1. Thankyou Corey,

    Sometimes it seems like the easiest thing would be to just pull the blankets up around my ears in the mornings, instead of getting up “one more time”… Not only for ourselves, but for all the eyes that are watching us – seeing what we will do with this decision or that obstacle.

    I have been allowing myself to wallow a bit this last couple of weeks – always starting out with the right thing in mind, then when not seeing results fast enough – think… what is the good???

    Well, with what we learnt from Peter Daniels the other week and what you have taught us yourself – I will endeavor to make plans – with the goal laid out in front of me then take it – ONE DAY AT A TIME at the moment, then progress from there.

    Thanking you again,

    Tracey Waters-James
    0400 710 069

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