Just Say It!

Too many of us get too worried about what people around us are going to say about what we say. This hesitation comes from saying things in the past that either got us into hot water or hurt people’s feelings. It is un-Christ-like and inappropriate to deliberately go out of your way to hurt people’s feelings…I don’t recommend this BUT…

Sometimes people’s feelings are going to get hurt when you speak the truth, even in love and when what you say is true to Scripture. Too often we live in the shadows of life because we are worried about offending people’s feelings.

When I read about Jesus in the Gospels, I encounter the tension between showing grace and speaking truth. God never compromised truth, particularly to the scribes and pharisees, in order to extend grace to people. I think we need to develop a sound theology of grace in the church that translates to our society because it seems like some people are playing the grace card but not willing to take responsibility for their actions. We also need to appreciate Biblical truth more than we do because it is so essential to how we carry out our daily lives.

I know as a preacher what it’s like to say things that have not made me popular and I know what it’s like to hold back from saying what needs to be said because of being bruised in the past from people’s distaste of my perspective. There is wisdom in holding your tongue when you realise some battles are not worth fighting. But some battles are worth fighting and wisdom and the Spirit of God should help us discern when to speak and when not to speak.

My job as a preacher is to provoke spiritual transformation in people and sometimes this means I just have to say it. I am going to embrace this call with wisdom and pray that God will use what is said to ultimately help people (even if they don’t see it at the time) and if it sometimes means I’m controversial, then I’m probably following in the steps of Jesus…He was so controversial that the religious establishment killed him… Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to you or me.

We don’t just say it because we want to offend or be controversial (that’s pride) but because truth is needed in all of our lives. Too many marriages have been destroyed because of things left unsaid. Too many churches have split because leaders wouldn’t just say it. Too many people’s faith have been shipwrecked because someone wouldn’t just say it. Just say it… in love !

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “Just Say It!”

  1. Steve McCracken Says:

    Good stuff Corey.

    Sometime back I felt led to read the Sermon on the Mount and see what Jesus said. What gripped me was not so much the content but how He communicated. I saw three things very clearly.

    1. What He said was DIFFERENT. He said statements that included these words: You have heard ‘this’ but I tell you…

    2. What He said was DIFFICULT. He always raised the bar, not lowered it: You have heard ‘don’t commit adultery’, I tell you ‘don’t lust’.

    3. What He said was DECISIVE. Jesus was not wishy-washy with His words; He was emphatic and decisive to the point that those listening commented ‘that He taught as one who had authority and not as their teachers of the law’.

    We need truth taught boldly in such a way that it reveals the heart of God.

    Love ya buddy – keep up the great work.


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