Christianity has an image problem!

These are the first words of David Kinnaman’s book UnChristian! It is a fantastic read and challenges many things that Christians hold up as being sacred cows. UnChristian is the outworking of 3 years research into what the Mosaic’s and Busters generation (16-29yrs) think about Christians and the Church. UnChristian also includes insights from several leading church leaders and thinkers who are on the frontline of ministering to those outside the Christian faith.

I really like this book because I believe Scripture clearly shows that God cares for everyone, especially those outside the Christian faith. As a Christian and church leader I need to not only be equipped with the right information but have a heart for people who do not know Christ. I then need to translate this knowledge and heart to those I lead to encourage them to engage more with those outside our faith.

We need to know what people think about Christianity because what people think about God becomes the reality that they approach God with. What is clear from my own observation and readings from this book, outsiders perception of Christianity reflect a church infatuated with itself. Outsiders think we no longer represent what Jesus had in mind. We are all responsible to change this perception, not just Christian leaders.

I want to lead a church that engages with outsiders in a real, relevant and loving way. I don’t want to lead a church that is infatuated with itself and is caught up in the net of Christian sub-culture. This means we have to review some of our rituals, habits and approaches to God and to our community that do not reflect God’s heart for people who don’t know him.

I encourage you to read the book and to recapture God’s heart for people outside the Christian faith.

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “Un-Christian!”

  1. hey corey, so glad you liked the book! thanks for posting about it! David K.

    • Corey Turner Says:

      Hi David,

      I really appreciate you posting a comment on my blog post. Keep up the fantastic work and I am recommending this book everywhere I speak and to all of my ministry network.


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