Y Heart!

One of the reasons why we hold back some of our heart from God is because we can have a false view of who God is. When we view God to be only a judge and not our heavenly Father who loves us and gave his one and only Son for us we approach God with a closed heart. We may worship with open hands but our hearts are closed and guarded.

We must stop approaching our relationship with God in a compartmentalized way, where we have allowed God into most rooms of our lives but not some rooms because they’re too precious to us and we’ve decided that they are off limits. To love God with all your heart is to open all the rooms in your life to God and allow free access to Him.

Scriptures like Luke 10:25-28 show us that life is a matter of the heart. In the natural your heart is the major organ in your body that over the average lifetime beats 2.5 billion times. The same goes for your spiritual heart. Your heart is the epi-centre of your feelings, thoughts, words & actions and the place where God’s Spirit dwells. If you are going to care for your heart, then you need to understand it because understanding something is the basis of care for it.

Issues of the heart are important to talk about but unfortunately I have observed in modern preaching an emphasis on the external symptoms of relationships, finances, time management and sexuality, to name a few. These issues are important in our lives but they are symptoms of a much greater issue – what’s going on inside our hearts.

God’s heart shaping work involves a partnership between us and God. God is committed to shaping and healing our hearts and thus brings to the surface the real condition of our hearts. He doesn’t do this because he wants to find out what’s inside our hearts, he already knows. He does this because we are ignorant and deceived to what’s in our hearts and for us to partner with God we need to know exactly what we are dealing with.

Our role is to be willing and open for God to work in our hearts and bring healing to our brokenness. God uses things like the culture we live in, the community of faith we are apart of, the communion we have with him and the conflict we encounter to shape and mold our hearts to be in alignment with his heart.

God’s goal in shaping our hearts is to help us to be a man or woman after his heart. King David was given the unique and prized brand of being a man after God’s heart. Why? Was it because he was obedient, powerful & successful? No, you can do these and have these things and yet not be in pursuit of God’s heart. David was a student of God’s heart and he was in pursuit of God to know and understand him and this is what God delights in (Jer 9:23-24).

2 Questions to answer: What has happened in your past that has contributed to the current condition of your heart and what is God revealing to you right now about your heart? What are you going to do as a result of your answer?

Lead the Change!

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