May 16 & 23 @ Activate!

May 16 @ Activate Church will be an important day because I am going to share what our philosophy of ministry is. Every now and then it’s important to talk about why we do what we do and clarify for everyone what is important to us as a church. I feel prompted by the Holy Spirit to speak about how we operate as a church and what is behind all that we do to help everyone be on the same page.

I am also going to be sharing some important changes affecting church life, particularly life groups. Our life groups are an integral part of church life but we feel we can do better at facilitating them in the life of the church. We will also reveal the new name for our life groups.

May 23 @ Activate Church is another important day because we are launching i58. i58 is a vision initiative that will mobilize the entire church around 7 days of distributing food, clothing, visiting the sick in hospital, in prison and throughout the church, as well as opening the Vault 5 days and launching the soup kitchen. i58 will be in operation as of June 14 but we need to start gathering food, clothing & people to serve and love our local community during this project.

Lead the Change!

One Response to “May 16 & 23 @ Activate!”

  1. QuiteActivator Says:

    Sounds fantastic, Corey! This is what a church should be. Let’s go!

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