What TOWER are you building?

Genesis 11:4 “Come let us build ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be dispersed over the face of the whole earth.”

We are all building something. The question is what are we building and whom are we building it to? Some Christians think God has an issue with success. I don’t think God has an issue with success. Abraham, Joseph, Daniel and Paul all were successful in their endeavors. I think God has an issue with us pursuing success without him as the source and inspiration of it.

If you are driven for success of any kind and your drive cuts across your personal relationship with Christ and a healthy soul, you’ve grossly missed the point of life. Life is first a relationship with God. John 15 tells us that out of this relationship, fruitfulness follows as a natural byproduct. Some of us have it the other way round. We are seeking fruitfulness and ignoring relationship and you wonder why you are frustrated. It’s because you weren’t primarily built for success but relationship. Then we have to acknowledge the motivation for relationship. I used to meet with God for what I could get out of him, now I connect with God for just who he is and that he loves me and I love him. Its from this foundation that all fruitfulness follows.

In the story of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11 mankind decided to build a monument to themselves and the core reason for it was pride and fear. Wherever pride lurks, fear abounds as well. Mankind’s insecurity was the source of their inspiration to build a tower. God came down to check things out and observed their unity of spirit, language and potential for turning the impossible to possible. God has created us with the capacity for absolutely amazing feats and accomplishments but when we attempt to build towers without God we end up in confusion.

God confused their language and created an environment of chaos that dispersed mankind everywhere over the face of the earth. Was God insecure and threatened himself by mans ingenuity? No, God is God and he ultimately created mankind. What God was concerned about was his creation building a tower and accomplishing great feats without acknowledging who God was and the grace God had given to them to even attempt such a thing. Man when left to himself, due to the default of brokenness, will always build towers to himself, rooted in pride and fear and ignore God all together.

So, what tower are you building and to whom are you building it? Your tower could be your career, your ministry, your hobby, your possessions – house, car, clothes, cash or your image and reputation. There isn’t anything wrong with these things but there is something wrong in our hearts that turns these things into idols and weapons of destruction when we use them to feed our pride and fear.

God wants to be the source of everything we do and build in our lives. We are God’s creation and as such are dependent upon God for our next breath. God gave us the ability to build towers but he doesn’t want to be ignored in the process, he wants us to acknowledge him as the source and his will as the director of our building efforts.

Lead the Change!

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