Core Convictions!

“If you don’t know what your non-negotiables are, you won’t negotiate anything. You’re afraid to let go of anything because later you might discover that was a non-negotiable. When you don’t know what’s really important, you treat everything the same. Adaptability is not the result of a hollow core, but of clarity and conviction about what is at your core. Don’t confuse being rigid and unchanging with having convictions.”

Erwin McManus, Author of Wide Awake

Too many of us are like coconuts, hard on the outside and hollow in the centre. We need to be more like peaches, soft on the outside but solid as a rock in the middle. Your core convictions shape everything about your life. They are the standards, principles and values that inform everything you do and how you operate as a person and as an organisation. Without core convictions you set yourself up for a fall because you have no bedrock foundation of beliefs you can point to and say, “That’s why we do what we do around here.”

Core convictions allow you to adapt and be flexible on everything else outside of your core convictions rather than being rigid and needing to control. I want to be an empowering leader but to do so I need to be clear on what’s most important to me and the church I lead so I can empower people around me.

What are your core convictions as an individual, for your family and for the church you are apart of? Think of what constantly is visible, what is important to you and what has become an assumption in your life and you will have arrived at your core convictions. Select no more than 5-6 and put them clearly before you and be mindful of them as you live your life and don’t violate them when faced with pressure to do so, otherwise they are not your core convictions. Methods change, convictions don’t.

Lead the Change!

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