Explore Your Motivation!

One of the things that has helped me get to the root cause of various issues in my life has been to honestly ask myself why do I want to do this or that? The motivation behind why you do what you do has everything to do with the outcome of what you actually do.

This can be a very scary question to ask and habit to adopt because it forces you to be brutally honest with yourself which depending on your answer affects your external environment including work, finances and relationships.

Very few people are willing to examine their motives for why they do what they do but I believe it is essential if we are going to be a congruent and ethical person in how we live our lives. If we were honest with ourselves too many times we do things to please others, to prove ourselves, to get approval, to avoid the pain of confrontation and what’s sad is we can live our whole lives and waste a lot of time doing things out of a wrong motivation.

God didn’t create you to live like this. He wants you to be completely comfortable in your own skin and not live from a sense of ‘have to’ but ‘want to’. Ask yourself the hard questions and don’t excuse yourself out of giving a gut level honest answer, no matter how bad you may think it is. This exercise will do more for your self-image and confidence than most other things you do.

Lead the Change!

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