Comfortable in your OWN skin!

All of us go through a process of discovering who we are. Sometimes this can be a painful experience because we experiment with life and do things that in hindsight we wish we hadn’t. The environment we grew up in has a massive impact on our identity and the formation of our self-image. Unfortunately, even with the best upbringing there are issues that emerge that we think are normal but are in fact very destructive. All of these factors influence how we think and feel about ourselves.

Being comfortable in your own skin isn’t to become an excuse for poor behaviour or arrogance but it is about fully embracing the person God created you to be. Becoming who you are involves letting God descript you from the negative influences of your past and rescripting into you what he ultimately wanted for you when he created you (Read Psalm 139 for more clarity).

I think its tragic when people live their entire lives without fully embracing their uniqueness in God. It’s too easy in this world to project out what we think the world expects from us rather than being at peace with who we authentically are. This isn’t to become a self-flagellation exercise in navel gazing but it is an important and necessary journey that we all have to take to walk in confidence, security and authenticity.

What about you? Do you have peace in your heart about who you are or are you restless in your soul? Before you do anything else, stop and reflect on the stillness of your own soul and whether it’s in alignment with who God has created you to be.

Lead the Change!

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