Embracing Uncertainty!

I am a leader and in the past I have prided myself on being clear on where I’m heading, what’s important to me, and what my purpose is. I have sought to bring this same level of clarity to the church God has called me to lead but the more I lead, the more I have to acknowledge that there are many things that I am uncertain about.

I used to think that being uncertain about BIG picture issues was a sign of a lack of leadership but the more I go on, the more the mystery of uncertainty actually creates space in my world for God to surprise me in the most amazing ways. CEO type leaders in the church promote clarity in everything. To me this seems a little boring and totally unrealistic. There are so many intangibles about leading in a post-modern context and in an ever changing society that I don’t think any leader if they were honest with themselves can be 100% certain about everything.

I want to embrace the prophetic adventure God has called me to but sometimes this means I need to be willing to embrace uncertainty in how the adventure unfolds. I don’t want to squeeze God out with my organisational clarity. I want to be clear on what I am clear about and what God has revealed to me but I also want the mystery of the future compel me to stay close to God and enjoy the journey. I want God to surprise me and shock me with the most amazing experiences and happenings that I can point others to them and say, “Look at what God has done in my life.

What about you? Have you just got to make sure you dot all your i’s and cross all your T’s? I understand that some of this might be a personality thing but what about relaxing a little and letting God surprise you with the unexpected. Create room for mystery in your world and embrace uncertainty.

Lead the Change!

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