What do you REALLY want?

This was the question God asked of me today in my devotions.

Although I started to scribble away in my journal the answer, it forced me to think about what, at the core of who I am, is it that I really desire? When I finished writing down some thoughts I was a little surprised by what I REALLY wanted. It wasn’t the external measurements of success but in fact leant towards more important values like my relationships with my wife and kids, growing closer to God, being more consistent in my daily habits, having my emotional cup filled up, being healthy and whole in every area of my life and adding value to people and the body of Christ…

What about you? What do you REALLY want? Why don’t you write down some thoughts today and reflect on what comes out? God really is interested in the passions beating in your heart and he wants to partner with you to see them expressed in your life. God delights in you because he created you. He dreamt of you and masterfully wove you together in your mothers womb. You are the climax of his creative work (Genesis 1:26-28).

Don’t live your life in quiet desperation. Enjoy the days God has given to you and create space in your world to connect with what is the overriding passion in your heart.

Lead the Change!

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