You’re a VOICE, not an ECHO!

Matthew 3:3 “…The voice of one crying in the wilderness; ‘Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight’.”

One of the first things the doctors were listening for when you were born was the sound of your voice. Why? Because your voice is connected to your life. When you are born again spiritually, you are given a voice. Your voice is your life message which is the unique sound and song that comes from only your heart.

I think it’s amazing that you can be in a crowd of people and yet the voice of your loved ones be the voice you recognize. I think the world is a big crowd of people and God has given you and I a voice that only some people in the crowd will actually take notice of and be drawn to.

VOICE is defined as the sound produced by vertebrae, formed in larynx and uttered by mouth. Your voice is an instrument or medium of expression. Its the power or ability to produce. Your voice is the key to walking in your calling and being productive in your life.

An ECHO is defined as a repetition of sound by reflection of sound waves. It’s a circumstance or event reminiscent of an earlier one. It’s to repeat or imitate something else. Too many people in life and ministry are imitating and repeating what somebody else is doing rather than being the voice they’re created to be.

You are a voice, not an echo. Stop echoing what everyone else is saying and doing and start discovering and walking in the unique sound your life is meant to make. Even John Farnham got this idea back in 1986 with his smash hit single, “You’re the Voice.”

John the Baptist is known as the voice. He had one life message that distinguished him above the crowd and everyone would travel out to the desert to hear this voice speak. John 3:25-30 tells us that John was secure in his voice and he knew what it was and what it wasn’t. John found great joy in being the voice God had called him to be. What about you?

Becoming your voice requires you to embrace the following:

  1. Your voice is the expression of God’s Spirit inside of you
  2. Clarify what you are most passionate about
  3. Celebrate your uniqueness
  4. Narrow the focus
  5. Walk through your own wilderness

Lead the Change!

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