Cause & Effect!

Acts 2:42 “And they devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayers.”

A CAUSE is something that makes something else happen. An EFFECT is what happens as a result of a cause. In Acts 2:42-47 the law of cause and effect is in operation. Not only is this passage a great description of what was happening in the early church but it helps us understand why the early church had the incredible impact it had.

I’ve observed that too many churches, including the one I lead, at times suffers from an epidemic of super-sized spirituality that wants a big menu with lots of options served really fast. But in the early church they DEVOTED themselves to only what was most important – the WORD, FELLOWSHIP, BREAKING of BREAD & PRAYER.

If I was to visit a river that was 400m across in width with only half a foot of water depth in it, I would be OK to let my 2 year old boy to splash around in it. If we were to go upstream and the width of the river was to narrow to only 20 meters but still retain the same amount of water in it, not only wouldn’t I let my boy anywhere near it but even you or I would find it difficult to cross over ourselves. Why? Because narrowing the focus increases the power.

We must do the same in church life. We must narrow the focus to only what is most important and we will see an increase in the force and power of what we are called to do. 

In Acts 2:42-47 The early church devoted themselves to what was most important. They weren’t leader dependent but they took initiative themselves to own and embrace what the Apostles were teaching and modeling. Their devotion became a cause that triggered an effect in the life of the church and in the surrounding community. This effect included: signs and wonders, unity around a common purpose, generosity and an increase in numbers in the church.

The problem is we can get so easily caught up in chasing effects rather than chasing the cause: DEVOTION. Jesus said, “For this cause I was born.” If we were to get caught up in chasing the cause of Jesus Christ, God will take care of the effects.


  1. What is the danger of embracing a “Super-sized spirituality” as believers? 
  2. Why is it that we so easily get caught up chasing effects rather than the cause?
  3. How can you personally become more cause devoted than effects driven?

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