God’s Reshaping You!

This morning in my devotional time, the Holy Spirit spoke into my heart the words, “I am reshaping you.” 

My heart resonated with these words as I am going through a sort of metamorphosis spiritually and physically at the moment. In my physical body I have lost over 5 kilos of muscle in the last 8 weeks of my running program. I didn’t need to lose weight but as I am training to set a personal record for 10km this year, I’ve needed to shed some extra kilo’s to get lighter and faster.

As I am changing in the physical, so too God is transforming me in the spiritual. I feel like God is making me leaner, faster and stronger in my spirit-man. My prayer life is stronger than it’s been for a while and God is reworking some of my approach to life and ministry, causing me to scratch my head at times and wonder, “God, what on earth are you doing?” But nevertheless, I have a peace in my heart that this process is very important and what God wants for me.

How about you? What is going on in your spiritual life at the moment and how is it affecting everything else around you? My guess is I am not the only one God is reshaping. I think He is reshaping you as well. The reshaping process is not always easy. It can be downright painful and sometimes very uncertain. It requires you to not lean on your own understanding but to trust in God with all your heart as he refines you until pure gold is revealed.

Don’t check out of the reshaping process too soon and don’t come to conclusions too soon either. Let the process take time or else what will come out may be a little ugly and not what God had in mind. God has to take you through a process because he has a plan for your life. We don’t always understand what God is doing at the time but in hindsight it all makes sense if we stay the course. God’s reshaping you!

Lead the Change!

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