Dealing with Discontentment!

1 Timothy 6:6 “Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment.”

In my own life journey I have struggled with discontentment from time to time. I’m sure someone out there can identify with this struggle as well. I think some of my struggle has to do with my wiring as a choleric, sanguine, highly directive and influential seeking personality…I know, I know… Recipe for disaster…

I also think discontentment is a key issue in our culture because of the saturation of media and information that tells us we need more of this and more of that. We are bombarded everyday with messages about our body shape, our houses, our cars, our clothing, our possessions, our social life, our sex life, our fame and fortune… and the list goes on.

If we don’t guard our hearts we can be always living in desperation, seeking after the next elusive experience or encounter that will bring a measure of satisfaction to us. I’ve discovered that holy discontentment for personal growth and development in order to see souls saved and make a difference in the world is good but continual discontentment for the wrong things can have a negative effect in every area of our lives.

I can wake up some days just feeling overwhelmed by feelings of discontentment with where things are at but i have to put it all in perspective of God’s truth and God’s plan for my life. I have to get my mind onto what life is all about – God’s glory and the service of others not my glory and people serving my needs or wants… I’m suggesting you will have to do the same as well.

There is a place in God where you can live each day with great contentment in the knowledge that God’s grace, love and power is sufficient for each day. Whenever you feel lack surfacing in your life remind yourself that godliness with contentment has great gain in every area of your life.

Lead the Change!

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