Unanswered Prayer!

The greatest cause of a struggling prayer life is our response to unanswered prayer. I have noticed in my own prayer life over the last 10 years a hesitation to pray at times because of unanswered prayer in the past. Many people’s relationship with God is stalled by their response to unanswered prayer.

Unanswered prayer is why many believers get disillusioned in their faith and start to question fundamental doctrines they have held true for many years. Truth is, unanswered prayer doesn’t have to lead to discouragement or disappointment. You can have a real, authentic, close relationship with God through prayer that does get results. And yes, you can even wrestle with God over unanswered prayer and still have a faith-filled prayer life.

I believe every genuine Christian prays actively but not necessarily intentionally or fervently. An intentional and fervent prayer life sees prayer as a daily central priority and not peripheral. As a pastor, I’ve observed many believers approach prayer like we eating vegetables. We know we need them as apart of a healthy diet but if ice-cream was on the menu, we’d prefer to eat that. Prayer doesn’t have to be like eating brussell sprouts, it can be something you enjoy and look forward to everyday. 

There have been many books written on prayer and we westerners love to read about prayer, hear teaching about prayer but we need to move beyond just reading & hearing & actually pray. Christianity is a relationship with Jesus Christ not mental assent to mere doctrines or creeds. For our relationship with Christ to be alive and active we need to communicate with him and God has given prayer to us as the vehicle through which we communicate.

Make prayer a priority in your life and in the church you are apart of. Every move of God throughout history was preceded by a prayer meeting. Prayer signals a shift from man’s ability to God’s ability. Unified prayer is the posture God pours out his Spirit upon (Acts 1:14).

Lead the Change!

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