Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong is my all time favourite athlete. If you don’t know much about him there are several publications as well as a ton of internet resources that can fill you in, including, “It’s not about the bike” and “How Lance does it”. Lance Armstrong won 7 Tour De Frances after overcoming a severe battle with cancer. A feat that is amazing for anyone to accomplish, let alone someone who has survived cancer.

He now leads an organisation called LIVESTRONG which promotes cancer awareness and helps people battling with cancer to survive through raising money for treatment and potential cures.

Lance is currently cycling with TEAM RADIO SHACK in the Tour Down Under in Adelaide. Just recently he invited on TWITTER anyone & everyone in Adelaide to ride with him last Saturday, meeting at a Park in the city. Approximately 5-10,000 people turned up just for a glance at Lance, including a Melbourne based pastor who flew over to Adelaide just to savor the moment.

Lance is a consummate professional and a great example of drive, determination and dedication to continual progress in sport & life. I love his approach to his career and it’s clear that he is positioned for a great comeback after a short layoff.

One of my observations of Lance and other successful people is that it’s amazing how well positioned they can be in one area of their lives e.g. career, finance, sport… and yet be out of position in other areas of their lives e.g. family, spirituality, marriage…

Society rewards gifting & talent on the field and tends to overlook the happenings away from the field and it’s no secret that Lance & other athletes more recently have struggled at times in their marriages with various issues & in Tiger Woods case, extra-curricular activities. Proverbs tells us that a “man’s gift makes room for him”. Unfortunately at times, the room that our gift makes for us doesn’t always allow for the breaches in our character within us. Never let your gift take you where your character cannot keep you.

It’s not enough to be positioned well in one area of your life and yet be out of position in the most important areas of your life – relationship with God, family, marriage, etc… How well are you positioned in these important matters as you head into 2010? Your investment portfolio may look good and your career prospects may be outstanding but what is your spiritual growth looking like and how close are you to Jesus?

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