The 1 Constant!

The constant demand of ministry is team building. Why? The harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few.

The natural progression of a healthy church focused on the mission is that it moves seekers to believers; it moves believers to followers of Christ and; it moves followers of Christ to leaders of others. To achieve this outcome we need to create a culture of EMPOWERMENT!

The potential of any church is found in it’s culture! An empowering leadership culture embraces uncertainty; it slows down to speed up; it starves your ego and it connects with others.

William Bernbach once said, “I’m always amused when other agencies try to hire my people away. They’d have to hire the whole environment because for a flower to blossom, you need the right soil as well as the right seed.”

20 Tips to building a healthy TEAM culture:

  1. Know what a team is and isn’t
  2. Be convinced of the importance of team work
  3. Follow Jesus example of team building – Recruit; Select; Train; Activate
  4. Look for potential in people
  5. Cast vision before you pull out the job description
  6. Clarify your expectations of team members
  7. Hold team members accountable
  8. Communicate x 3
  9. Celebrate small wins
  10. Be the change you want to see
  11. Build relationships with team members
  12. Monitor team’s progress
  13. Give specific feedback
  14. Increase responsibility according to evidence of maturity
  15. Invest extra time into team members that are hungry to grow
  16. Seize opportunities to help team build momentum
  17. Not everyone on the team is going to be able to carry the weight of ministry
  18. Keep encouraging your team members
  19. Connect team members to each other not just you
  20. Create ownership by giving responsibility to team members

Your Church’s productivity will rise & fall on the quality of your teams.

Lead the Change!

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