7 Stages of Spiritual Maturity!

Our Christian walk can be broken down into 7 distinct stages and each of these stages marks our journey toward spiritual maturity:

  1. We begin with comfort as we come to Christ.
  2. From comfort we move to connection as we begin to embrace the people & values of the kingdom
  3. Through our connection we become aware of the cause as we begin to see our Christian life in the greater context of the mission of the Church.
  4. The cause brings us to a place of commitment as we decide to play our part in the greater context.
  5. Once we begin to get committed it’s generally only a short time before life will send crisis our way as our faith is tested.
  6. Through crisis we move to a place of conviction as our core values are firmly established.
  7. Finally, through a life driven by our convictions, we reap a lifestyle of consistency.

I find these 7 stages a helpful way of thinking about my own development toward spiritual maturity and the development of the people in my congregation that I lead. 

Unfortunately I think many believers are stuck in the first 2 stages. They desire comfort and connection but never move to being committed to the cause. It would be easy to think that commitment to the cause is the climax of our spiritual walk but until our commitment is tested through crisis and we respond with conviction, we will lack the consistency that is needed to truly walk in spiritual maturity.

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