6 Traps to Guard Against!


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Dave Anderson once said,The enemy of great is good. The primary reason so few leaders or organisations ever become great is because they get good and stop. They stop growing, learning, risking and changing.”

I have been in full time ministry for just on 10 years and if there is one thing I have learnt is that neither you, nor your ministry ever arrives! Since starting Activate Church nearly 4 years ago I have discovered that the ebb and flow of church life has a way of knocking the wind out of your vision and passion sails. This can come through criticism, discouragement, people disappointing you, financial pressure, etc… 

The key issue in every season of your ministry is to not fall into the traps and land mines that take so many pastors out a long the way. Here are 6 traps to avoid:

  1. The trap of stopping to work on yourself – You must keep growing. Find a way and breakthrough the lid for your sake, your teams sake and for God’s sake.
  2. The trap of stopping to think big & take risks – Don’t get spooked by your success and try to protect it. If you do you’ll stop innovating and lose momentum quickly. Renew your thinking and refire your vision.
  3. The trap of stopping to lead from the front – Don’t hit the remote control button and disconnect from your greatest asset – people. Focusing on the people is in part what brought you to where you are right now.
  4. The trap of stopping to develop others around you – Transition from having to do everything to doing everything through great people around you. Remember a fish rots at the head and if you don’t like the people around you, grab a mirror.
  5. The trap of stopping to hold your team accountable – A ‘don’t rock the boat’ mentality will undermine forward progress and will cause you to over look issues that should be confronted. Issues not resolved will always come back to bite you.
  6. The trap of abandoning the basics of ministry – There are 4 key words to becoming brilliant in the basics – day in, day out! Too many people abandon the fundamentals and cease to keep the main thing, the main thing.

Lead the Change!

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