What Determines Destiny?

Good INTENTIONS do not determine your destiny!

As you begin a new year don’t be content to just have good intentions. Good intentions are a dime a dozen and don’t necessarily result in anything. Many people start a new year full of good intentions and by March have either given up hope or forgotten about their good intentions because of the busyness of life. Intentions won’t transform your life or get you to where you want to go.

The DIRECTION you are heading in determines your destiny!

The directional path your life is heading down has a direct impact on your destiny. What is the path your life is taking? You can find out the answer to this question by paying attention to the signs. What signs is your body giving you? What signs are your finances giving you? What signs are your relationships giving you? What signs is your schedule giving you? What signs is your business or ministry giving you? Are you making good decisions about your time, relationships and finances or are you reacting to what life dishes out to you? Some people maintain cruise control, thinking that it will all work out in the end but this is rarely true. You have to be intentional about life if you are to arrive where you want to end up. Being intentional requires being attentive.

What determines your direction is what grabs your ATTENTION!

We all have experienced the feeling of something grabbing our attention. It could be a loud noise, a person walking into a room, a book on a shelf, a movie trailer, a word aptly spoken… Whatever grabs your attention and holds it is going to shape the direction your life travels in. What are you giving your attention to? What has the majority of your attention right now in your life? Whatever has your attention is what you are thinking about, making decisions about and investing time into and this is having a direct impact on your long term destiny. Attention arrests your direction which determines your destiny!

For more insight on this topic read “The Principle of the Path” by Andy Stanley.

Lead the Change!

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