Testimony of Healing!

Last night my father went to emergency casualty with severe stabbing pain in his stomach. After several tests the doctors confirmed that there was a perforation (hole) in his bowel. Because of the danger of gas and fluids to affect his body, they were prepping him for immediate surgery.

My mother and I and others were praying in faith during this time for his healing. After this time of prayer the doctors did some more tests just before surgery and found the hole to be non-existent. As a result they decided not to perform surgery, which is a huge blessing. The pain in the stomach is being treated with heavy medication but surgery has been avoided and for this I praise God for his healing power.

This attack of pain literally came from nowhere. Dad was fine Wednesday morning after breakfast and then by lunch he was keeled over unable to walk because of the severe pain in his body. I believe that the prayer of faith in Jesus Christ has had a dramatic effect on dad’s condition and I thank God for his miraculous intervention in this situation. 

Keep praying for my dad (Len Turner) as he still needs to have the pain disappear but let us also continue to praise God for his healing power.

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