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Recently I completed a series of “Performance Reviews” for my executive leadership team. Each of the team members are guns in their field of ministry and have fruit to show for their labour in 2009. One of the constant needs that arose in each of the reviews was the importance of team building.

In a volunteer intensive organisation, like the church, identifying, recruiting and training new team members and leaders is a constant necessity. People move interstate, people step back from roles, people feel called to other ventures and the list goes on. There is never a time when a leader within the church can sit back on their laurels and resign themselves to no more team building.

One of my main responsibilities as a point leader is to equip my team and staff with the skills and insight into how to build effective teams. Over the years I have read several books on the subject and heard many leaders speak on team building and yet the greatest criteria I’ve come across, through which I select team members has been the 4 C’s.

Call – The first and most important thing to establish with an individual is a sense of call to the church they’re apart of and to the ministry and team you are recruiting them to. You may think that some positions in the church don’t warrant a deep conviction of call (usher, etc) but at the end of the day if people don’t have a witness in their hearts that this is something they are called to, their contribution will be haphazard and fleeting.

Character – Does the potential team member demonstrate integrity in their dealings with people? Are they secure in God and themselves to lead others? Do people respect them and trust them? How do they look after themselves and their family? Do they evidence the fruits of the Holy Spirit or are they motivated by a selfish agenda?

Chemistry – A lot of people are talented but that doesn’t mean you can get along with them. One of my mentors says to his potential team members, “I have to like you and you have to like me if this is going to work.” he is not trying to force something but he is making the point that chemistry is essential in ensuring the synergy of a team. I have so much fun with my team and yet we are very productive week in and week out because of the chemistry that exists between us. I wouldn’t give this up for anything.

Competency – Competency does need to be considered. Recruit the best people you can who demonstrate talent, skills and capacity. Does the person’s skill set match the role you are asking them to perform? What gifts and abilities does the person have to offer your team? People with good hearts are great but some team roles require specialist skills. Don’t just recruit people on their ‘good heart’ alone… consider their competency for the role. 

Lead the Change!

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