The Gift of Leadership!

Romans 12:8 “…The one who leads with zeal…”

The gift of leadership is a grace God gives to individuals to move a person, group or nation from where they are to where they need to be. Without visionary leadership people cast off restraint and eventually perish. Leadership is needed everywhere at every level of society. We are living in the last days and as the spiritual temperature heats up in the world, strategies created, decisions made and visions implemented by leaders have massive consequences more than ever before.

As a Senior Pastor and a Father, I get to exercise the gift of leadership on a daily basis in the life of Activate Church and in my family. The more I go on in ministry the more I recognize the absolute importance and necessity of strong leadership. A lot of issues that arise within the life of the church can be traced back to an individual somewhere and more often than not, a leader. Leaders influence strategies, systems, processes, outcomes and people for good or bad. I want every leader on my team to understand clearly what the outcomes are and to work towards achieving them effectively. 

It’s important to note that leaders don’t just influence people by the force of their charisma only, but by the force of their character. Charismatic people skills are important but not as important as integrity and faithfulness. Integrity will shine through long after your charisma fades from people’s memories.

The Body of Christ and the world at large needs spiritual leaders to step up everywhere and fulfill the call of their office with passion and integrity. God is still calling and gifting men and women today to play a pivotal role in leading this generation to Jesus Christ. I often shudder to think where we would be without leaders like Billy Graham, Brian Houston, Phil Pringle, T.D. Jakes and the list goes on. God raises up specific people in every generation and he anoints them for a special task. If God has gifted you to lead then step up and lead in the grace and anointing God has given to you. We need you more than ever before.

Lead the Change!

4 Responses to “The Gift of Leadership!”

  1. T.D Jakes believes in Modalism/Oneness.

    Billy Graham was a universalist.

    Brian Houston…….Well that is another story.

    I pretty much plead with you to watch this video :

    In it Billy Graham states that he believes all ways lead to God.

    The men you list give me the idea that you perhaps lack any real biblical integrity Corey. Where are the Tozers, Spurgeon’s, Whitfield’s, Wesleys. MacArthurs. Piper’s, Washer’s, Lawson’s, Mohler’s., Reidhead’s, Bunyan’s etc etc…. They were on your list right…………?

    • Corey Turner Says:


      I agree with you, going backwards and forwards is a waste of time. There’s so much that I could say but I wish you all the best. Maybe we might bump into each other some time and be able to understand each other a little more… or maybe not.


  2. For Matthew, You know Ps Corey is my Senior Pastor and I think it’s a bit low for you to take a pot shot. I think it would be better for us Christians to stick together than fight it out. Nobody has perfect theology including myself or yourself. You may think you’re right in your accusations but I would be careful with broad generalisations. We all know what it is to eat humble pie. I think Ps Corey is a faithful minister of God’s Word.

  3. Men in the 21st century can be inspired by the God too…The ‘old greats’ are great, but you can find insipiration anywhere. Matthew, you’d best use your time doing something productive, you’re not helping anyone…

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