Leveraging Your Past!

As a preacher I have often told people to ‘let go of the past’ and ‘don’t let the past dictate your future’. These are important statements and need to be heeded but there is also another side of the coin that we need to consider. Our past provides us with both rich and painful experiences that if we leverage can influence our future in a powerful way.

Our past has provided for us significant stories and testimonies of God’s grace and favour in our lives. Too many of us forget too easily what God has done for us and through us in the past. Your past can actually be a great source of encouragement and inspiration both to you and to people around you but you must recall to mind what God has actually done in your life.

Our past has provided us with plenty of lessons learnt. All of us have made mistakes in the past that we can learn from. Don’t make the same mistake twice but grow in wisdom. Don’t let the pain of regret steal your future but let wisdom forged through painful experience become the catalyst for growth and expansion in the future.

Our past gives us memories of victories and achievements. We have all been victorious in something, however small or big. Each of these victories and achievements have left us insights in how to achieve success the next time. It also gives us tips to help other people when they need our advice or have come to a stalemate in their own success journey.

Our past has left scars of painful experiences. Most of us would see this as a negative but in the midst of our brokenness we’re reminded of God’s love to heal the pain in our hearts from the words, actions and intentions of others that have hurt us deeply. These scars remind us to be gracious and loving with others because of what we ourselves have gone through. What the devil has meant for evil in our lives, God can turn around for our good.

Our past has prepared us for our future. Whether you realise it or not, your past is the exact preparation you need to step into your future. God is sovereign and he makes all things work together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose. God has predesigned you and your past to prepare you for what he has called you to walk in. If you choose to partner with God you can see the seeds of your past bear fruit in your future.

Don’t despise your past, no matter how challenging or painful but leverage it to influence your future. Your life is made up of your past and your future is your response to your past. Respond Godward and watch what God does with your future.

Lead the Change!

5 Responses to “Leveraging Your Past!”

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  2. Adore the new appear. I enjoyed the content. Thanks for the excellent work.

  3. As much as I would like to say it doesn’t, often it does have a strong influence. I have said “Today I have free will. I can wake up and decide what kind of person I wish to be”. I do believe this to a point.

    Then I go to the dentist and have reactions that are brought on by childhood trauma. Here I go letting the past influence the present. How o I over come this? I face it and ask source for strength.

    We can learn from the past, but it is not good to hang out there and wallow in it. The past is a tool for self discovery. How do we best use this tool?

    Awareness is key when we wish to change, but knowing and doing are two different things. Action is required or I am bound to forget, loose awareness and I will start to run my life on autopilot, repeating the same old behaviors that do not serve me well.

    Today I know I am the child and the man.

  4. It’s exhausting to search out knowledgeable folks on this topic, however you sound like you realize what you’re speaking about! Thanks

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