Determining a Divine Call!

Isaiah 6:8-9 “And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here am I! Send me.” And he said, “Go and say to this people.”

God reveals in his Word that each of us have been created for a specific purpose (Ps 139:13-16). God has given you unique wiring, gifting and passions to compliment the unique calling he has created you for. Unlike what the world teaches, the bible teaches us that our calling is not our decision but our discovery. Abraham didn’t decide to become the Father of many nations, he discovered that it was God’s call and will to do so. The same goes for Moses, David and Isaiah.

On your journey of discovery you must distinguish between your vocation and your calling. The Apostle Paul worked as a tentmaker, church planter and teacher in his vocation but his calling was to be an apostle to the Gentiles. Your vocation may be as a teacher, chaplain, parent or business executive but your calling is far bigger than just a vocation. Convergence is when your vocation, past experiences and calling become aligned as one and the greatest fruit of your life is seen at this point.

I’ve learnt that before a divine call can live, some things must die. Isaiah had to be cleansed and set apart for him to receive his divine commission to be a prophet to Israel. In the same way pride and the works of our flesh must be removed from our lives for the divine call to come alive and breathe.

A divine call will also be accompanied by a conviction that heaven has spoken. Isaiah heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall we send and who will go for us?” The only call that God will honour is the call from the throne room of heaven. One of the most important abilities we must develop is the ability to hear God’s voice. Moses, Joshua, Samuel, David and Jesus all survived and flourished in their ministry by their capacity to HEAR GOD!

There is no greater key to walking in your call than to hear God clearly and obey boldly whatever the cost!

A conviction that heaven has spoken must be accompanied by a response of availability. Isaiah responded to God by saying, “Here I am! Send me.” The call of God goes out but it often falls on deaf ears because we are too pre-occupied with small ambitions. Give up your small ambitions and come change the world. Be available for the call of God.

A response of availability must include a willingness to leave a place of familiarity. God said to Isaiah, “GO..” Are you available to go wherever, whenever God asks you to, to do whatever God wants you to do? When God called me to plant a church it required me to leave a place of familiarity – familiar people, surroundings, mindsets and experiences. It was difficult but it has been worth it. Leaving familiarity isn’t always geographical. For most of us it is attitudinal and relational. There are certain attitudes and relationships we need to leave behind to fulfill what God has called us to.

Lastly, a divine call will commission you with a voice for this generation. God said to isaiah, “Speak to the people…” Nothing will move until you speak to it. We are not called to merely echo all the voices of the past but to be a prophetic voice, present-tense, in our generation today. We’ve got to open our mouths and speak the gospel out, not just do good works. Walk in your divine call!

Lead the Change!

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