Burden for the CHURCH!

I have a growing burden on my heart for the state of the church in Australia. I have noticed it increase the more time I spend with Jesus. I have noticed that I am looking at my community, my city and nation in a different light since returning from the Sabbatical. I am feeling people’s pain and can see the spiritual emptiness in people’s lives more, as I walk around a shopping centre or the suburban streets.

I often hear myself and others pray, “Lord break our hearts for what breaks yours.” Have you stopped to ask yourself what will you actually do when he answers that prayer? That’s a massive burden and weight to carry around as you live your life. I don’t think we should take a prayer like that lightly nor should we dismiss the burden we will be entrusted to carry once God answers that prayer.

I am declaring war on casual Christianity in my own life and wherever God gives me a voice to speak into this issue in the church. The Australian church is a sleeping giant that needs to wake up. Yes, there are pockets of revival and momentum and there are many sincere and well intended leaders in the church but as a whole we have to acknowledge that we aren’t blazing a trail like we should be. There are too many Aussies dead in their sin and don’t think the church has anything to offer them. There are too many Aussies going to shopping centers on Sunday rather than attending a church service. And there are too many Christians who are content to be good rather than being contagious to the world around them.

What about you? Are you more comfortable than you are contagious? Have you settled in cruise mode and content to just go through the motions of empty ritual and lifeless relationship with God? This is not what following Christ looks like. True followers of Christ are captive in their devotion, not casual. True followers of Christ invest themselves into their faith and want their faith to make a difference in the world, whereas a casual Christian wants to keep their faith a private matter.

We are living in the last days. Time is running out and many people are heading to a Christ-less eternity. Get beyond your own comforts and conveniences and come change the world. Don’t spend your life in casual mode, look back and be filled with regrets. Life is short and eternity is a very long time. What we do now will echo for all eternity.

Lead the Change!

8 Responses to “Burden for the CHURCH!”

  1. joanne lucarelli Says:

    Love this post! I want to be contagious. As a follower of Christ, the thought of people dying without knowing Jesus does break my heart. Church Wake Up!!!

  2. Karen Tiller Says:

    I understand Corey. Over ten years ago after I had already been a Follower of Jesus for several years… )totalling about 22 I think)… I began to spend every daylight hour in the Lord Presence everyday…. (prior to becoming a Mum! lol) and Spent several Hours sobbing in His love and carrying His burden for individuals, Countries, Towns (He always told me which town etc.) and then walking in His presence, years after. The Lord realy wants our Hearts.. all of our hearts as His word states.

    Often people wint understand… I recall several times when people would come up to me (Christians) and pray for me because I was sobbing and crying when at the time I was crying from the Fathers Heart for certain things at certain times, they then would want to send me to “counselling ” etc… Amazing Hey… But that didnt worry me because I knew my Lord at that moment and what He was saying.. even that greived Him that His people dont understand at times, not greive out of anger etc. but out of total love and Yes, it does break out human hearts! But oh what a mighty love He has for us and when we can feel how He feels for people and walk in Him hey! Yeahy Be Encouraged! His love is Amazing… Life Changing or even…. Not life changing cos He loves us right now just the way He created us! I better stop now or I will go on and on…. A pleasure to hear this Insight…. And yes Jesus Wept!


  3. Karen Tiller Says:

    No, I wouldnt pray that prayer (breaking a heart), God choses whom and when etc. and sometimes it is in season. Be led by the Holy Spirit within each and every one of us as Christians..

  4. We are in the falling away. The son of perdition, the man of sin, the antichristos has been revealed. The many are given over to strong delusion to believe a lie, and the few chosen by God are kept by grace. Pray let the Lord’s will be done. God has given them over to a reprobate heart. Give thanks unto God for all men. “Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Yeshua is Lord to the glory of God the Father.


  5. Corey,

    I appreciate your heart here.

    The responsibilty and cause lies solely on the shoulders of the pastor.
    Also, we must ensure that the believer is not busy running around doing all these ‘church’ things [this is a common pressure placed upon many in charismatic/pentecostal churches, primarily due to there desire for a massive church – if you think that is me simply being arrogant and ignorant I ask you to look into it] instead of seeking after the God of the church.

    I like what Charles Hadden Spurgeon had to say many years ago;

    “Everywhere there is apathy. Nobody cares whether that which is preached is true or false. A sermnon is a sermon whatever the subject; only the shorter the better.”

    The exgetical proclamation of the Word of God is what is needed most, so that this whole thing is not like a firework; a loud bang and its gone!

  6. Awesome! I think a vision that accepts, welcomes and encourages a red hot christianity is a place where believers of Jesus will flourish and in turn bring multiplication to the Kingdom of God. Of course on the other extreme, it can be off putting if there is a room full of ‘crazy christians’, that in the effort to become extreme, fake it to feel it. I must admit, i’m all for orderly christianity, but not to the point that it stifles the Holy Spirit and the work that He wants to do.

    I believe a place where Authenticity, Divinity and Open-ness is displayed can be the catalyst for new life…it just draws people in. We get enough ‘fake’ in the media, people want REAL.

    I’m with you! Bring on more authentic Christianity, an attitude of ‘casual-ness’ of Christians can stifle a Jesus follower who just longs to be ‘more’ in Christ. Iron sharpens iron after all…

    May more people hear the call to be authentic!

    God Bless

  7. Matthew,

    You said:
    “The responsibilty and cause lies solely on the shoulders of the pastor.”


    • Well seeing as you asked so nicely…………

      Who has God ordained as the teacher of the Word? The theologian and the exgete. The pastor is responsible for teaching, shepherding and warning the flock God has appointed him as overseer.

      I guarantee that a person who has sat under a pastor for sometime [which means in all likelihood they are in agreement with them] has a very simliar worldview.

      The so called pastor of our day is responsible [not solely] for the state of the church. The humanistic, pragmatic and church growth guru of our day who cares more about having a “life transforming”, “vision” and “kingdom advance” denomination than they do about being bibically accurate.

      They avoid [or skim over] difficult texts in order to please men. When was the last time you heard a series on a loving and compassionate church discipline. Many of these kind of folk dont believe in church discipline. [that is a fact] They must love thier church more than Jesus does because He commands it.

      In a nutshell, the pastor must preach truth. Not shrink from declaring the hard truth in God’s word. He must put faithfullness to Scripture ahead of being seeker sensitive and worldy. He must have the right motives.

      Blessings as you seek Him,


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