Create Margin!

Have you ever felt so fatigued over an extended period of time that you have thought to yourself, “I just don’t know how I can continue to keep this pace up.” I’m sure some of you have thought this before many times. I know this thought became more frequent for me over a period of 6 months.

We get to a place like this when we are living off adrenalin or we are operating at peak capacity for way too long. It is so important that you be a steward of the energy that God has given to you. You only have so many pockets of energy to do so many things in any one day. Life is a marathon and not a sprint and so like any distance runner does you must steward your energy to last over the length of the race you are running.

Each of us has been wired differently and with different engine capacity. Some of you have 4 cylinder engines and some of you have V6 engines and some of you are a V8. Regardless of what engine capacity you have been given you not only need to steward it but you can extend your capacity to serve you well over the course of your life.

Simple but profound things like sleep routines, healthy diet, regular exercise, multi-vitamins, tank filling activities, margin and most importantly time with God will refresh you and fill your cup back up to fulfill the call God has given to you. One of the keys that has helped me return to greater energy and passion in life and ministry has been MARGIN!

Margin for me looks like creating space between appointments. It looks like having a clear finish and start time for work responsibilities. It looks like not overcrowding my schedule with person after person and task after task. It looks like prioritising the top 5% of what God has called me to do over everything else. It looks like having a little extra in reserve rather than feeling wasted at the end of every day.

I’ve recognized that I can’t do as much as what I would like to do and still stay healthy spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally over an extended period of time. I remember a time in the not too distant past when I would have back to back meetings literally from 6.30am to 9.30pm at night on a Tuesday. Tuesday is a massive day in the church office but i don’t do this anymore because it’s unwise and not what God has asked me to do. Crisis of the heart wakes you up and calls you to change your life. If you don’t, you become another statistic. Create margin in your life and keep some energy in reserve for the surprises of life. Love you all!

Lead the Change!

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