Team Activate!

497783133_c41bc327f6Every monday night in my household we have a family meeting together. Because of our kids young age they don’t attend at this point (because they’re asleep in bed)… So Simone and I catch up for a time of reflection on the weekend, planning a month in advance with our diaries and praying together for important things affecting the family and the life of Activate Church. Although we catch up every night over dinner as a family and try to go on date nights every couple of weeks as a couple, this family meeting is an important time in our week.

Every local church is like a family. I’m a firm believer in “As goes the household, so goes the church” (1 Tim 3:1-7 Outlines the priority of the home in the qualifications for leadership). Every church family needs to gather together and share important in-house information with each other. We also need to be refocused on where we are heading, why we exist and what’s most important. Lastly, we also need to have fun together, eating good food and have a laugh. 

This is the vision and purpose for TEAM ACTIVATE. Team Activate is a great opportunity for every person in our church family who contributes in any way, in any team for any purpose, to gather together and have a church family meeting. For 1.5hrs once a month we gather together and share important news affecting the life of the church, we refocus on where we’re heading, why we exist and what’s most important, and we have fun eating good food and enjoying fellowship with each other.

In the past we’ve had monthly leadership summits and training weekends which have been great but we see the need to sharpen and clarify what we do to benefit our entire church family. I personally want to invite you to come along this Sunday afternoon (22/11/09) from 3-4:30pm to be apart of Team Activate. We are not only a CHURCH but we are also a TEAM and every member of the team is needed.

I personally see this time as important to the health and growth of our church as each person gathers together to connect, to to grow and to be informed. From month to month we are all very busy with what God has called us to do but once a month we need to gather together and just refocus on what God is saying to us as a church family.

Every church family, like every family has significant events that shape the life of the family and TEAM ACTIVATE is one of these for our church. Just so you are aware, as we head into 2010 we will be hosting a TEAM ACTIVATE gathering once a month on a Sunday from January to November. The following dates and times for these gatherings are below. Book them into your 2010 calendar now and plan to be there:

  • Jan 24th (3-4:30pm)
  • Feb 21 (3-4:30pm)
  • March 21 (3-4:30pm)
  • April 18 (3-4:30pm)
  • May 16 (3-4:30pm)
  • June 20 (3-4:30pm)
  • July 18 (3-4:30pm)
  • Aug 15 (3-4:30pm)
  • Sep 19 (3-4:30pm)
  • Oct 17 (3-4:30pm)
  • Nov 21 (3-4:30pm)

It is my expectation that every person who serves, leads or contributes in some way makes the time to attend TEAM ACTIVATE with a good attitude and a heart for the well being of the house of God. In no way are these gatherings meant to replace our celebration services on a Sunday but they are a great opportunity to foster the unity and focus of our church moving forward.

I look forward to seeing you at TEAM ACTIVATE. Spread the word around and bring someone from the church with you. Don’t leave anyone out and lets lead the change together.

Lead the Change!

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