Michael Jackson – THIS IS IT!

4065012097_c49ac90ce7Recently I saw the film, “This is it” which records the final months of Michael Jackson’s life as he prepares for his final world tour. I have heard great reports about the film and so wanted to check it out myself. I watched the film with interest and was amazed at the incredible gift that God had given to MJ to sing, dance and entertain people.

As the media has shown us, Michael Jackson is a peculiar person who has been the subject of much controversy over many years. His relationships, appetites, plastic surgery, philosophies and lifestyle definitely fit into the bizarre category. Yet as I watched MJ dance, sing and prepare for his world tour, the gifting upon his life was so evident that it is also a testimony to the abilities that God had given to him.

I just can’t help but wonder what impact MJ could have had upon the globe if his life was completely surrendered to Christ and his gifting was focused upon proclaiming the gospel? Who knows what the outcome would have been?

Like MJ, each of us have been given unique gifts and abilities to reveal and express the nature and glory of God to this world. We may not have the freakish talents of Michael Jackson but we all have something that sets us apart and positions us to influence others. Don’t despise your uniqueness, if the world can embrace someone like MJ, there’s a place for you to express what God has put inside you.

I was amazed at the power MJ wielded when he was on the stage and behind the scenes. Unfortunately, he was treated like a god and he would basically get anything and everything he wanted. This is the downside of misdirected power. As someone once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” The bible says, “A mans gift makes room for him.” Your gift brings with it power and influence and with privilege comes great responsibility. Steward the gift you have and don’t use it to take advantage of people but to point people back to God.

Lead the Change!

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