Never Doubt Your Vision!

518060137_be371f9711Proverbs 29:18 “Without vision, people perish.”

The first book I wrote was titled, “Vision – the key to your future.” I am planning to release an updated 2nd edition in 2010 because of what I have learnt about ‘vision’ since writing the book. Your vision is closely linked to your call and one of the agendas of Satan is to distract you from your call by distorting your vision.

One of the attacks upon God’s call upon my life has been confusion. This came about because of a contradiction between the revelation that God had given to me years ago and the reality I was living in. I couldn’t marry the two dichotomies in my head and so confusion began to creep in and with it came a vicious dose of DOUBT!

When doubt gets a hold of you, you become a double-minded man unstable in all your ways and you begin to clutch onto any trend or technique hoping in vain that it will bring clarity and momentum to the stagnation and lack of clarity you feel. This is exactly what happened to me and during this season of contradiction. I began to listen too much to others and I was frantically searching for the ultimate key that would solve my vision problems.

I have come through this experience a better and more mature follower of Christ as I have rediscovered the unique vision God has called me to pursue. I have learnt, ‘Never doubt your vision’. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it and don’t let anyone add to it. Unless God wants to reshape it, stay true to it because this represents the very essence of what God has called you to. 

God has clarified and renewed my passion for the vision he has called me to pursue and I am excited about working with the many talented and anointed men and women of God at Activate to see the vision outworked in the coming year. I will be casting vision for 2010 at Activate Church on Sunday 6th December 2009.

Lead the Change!

2 Responses to “Never Doubt Your Vision!”

  1. Once The Holy Spirit gives anyone “fresh revelation” ( I agree) Corey that we all need to be faithfully obedient to that which the Lord requires of us.
    Love you and keep being & doing for JESUS’ glory!


  2. Mick Turner Says:

    I strongly relate to what you said about confusion. I, too, went through a similar period in which I felt pulled in two directions that were equally positive. Still, I could not make a decision and eventually found myself in a state of spiritual paralysis. By His grace, God pulled me through this and I came out of it understanding that the two options were not equal. One was from God and one from the enemy. As for me, I was, like Jonah, running from where I had been called.

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